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The fastest way to build extraordinary B2B apps

Dexla helps you and your development team build better products, fast, on your cloud infrastructure

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Build tech platforms with dexla
Tech Platforms
Build saas apps with dexla
SaaS Apps
Build reporting dashboards with Dexla
Reporting Dashboards
Build CRMs with Dexla
Build Data & Analytics Exchanges with Dexla
Analytics Portals
Build Customer Portals with Dexla
Customer Portals
Any idea, any lightbulb moment, any scribbles on a napkin...Turn into world-class products, fast, with Dexla.
Some of the companies building with Dexla
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"I initially started by hiring an offshore front-end engineer but progress was slow. I was able to launch in three weeks with Dexla. We made a slight pivot recently and Dexla made it so easy for us."

CEO FinTech Startup

"Our entire first angel round was spent on product development. We would have saved over $120k using Dexla and launched 6 months faster. It was a no-brainer to switch over to Dexla to save on future dev costs."

CEO - Recruitment Platform

"I haven't been impressed with the performance of other low-code tools; it takes too long to learn and build and you just can't build something with great UX. Not with Dexla."

Freelance Designer

"We're spending a lot on engineers to build our V1. With Dexla, future features will be launched much faster, costing a lot less money."

CTO - Trade Finance Startup
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Tired of spending a lot on engineers?
Can't iterate quickly enough to keep customers happy?
Taking too long to launch?
Running out of cash?
Didn't reach product market fit?
Don't know why users are churning?
Can't test new hypotheses quickly enough?
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Create, build and iterate faster

Built for you and your development team

Build beautiful products fast

Create world-class products with Dexla - the WYSIWYG editor for you and your team to create and build collaboratively.

Meet the Dexla Editor
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Connect your live data

Construct workflows and connect your back-end - fast API and back-end linking for you and your team to test faster

Explore Features

Launch, collect feedback and iterate

Encompass a fast feedback to iteration loop - collaborative notes and comments to connect the dots so the whole development team is always in the loop.

Start Building
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Focus on your USP, your back-end and let Dexla take care of your front-end infrastructure

Meet our friends

If you're part of an accelerator, you may be eligible for a discount with Dexla.
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Some of the most innovative startups trust Dexla to build its products!
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Bnkability customer of Dexla
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Built for enterprise-scale growth

What you need to get started.

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Dexla Editor

Build world-class products fast with the collaborative web-based Dexla editor.

Dexla Editor
Import Figma UX designs with Dexla

Dexla UX Converter (Coming soon)

Build straight from Figma designs with the Dexla UX converter powered by AI.


Dexla is a product development platform for cloud-first development teams to build, create and iterate world-class B2B apps faster than ever before.

Your web-app, fast!

The 100ms rule!
"Every interaction should be faster than 100ms"
Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail.

100ms is the threshold where interactions feel instantaneous. We live by this rule, so your web app will be rapidly fast when built with Dexla.

Your web app is built with React.js because we care about speed as much as you do.

React SVG logoFor Developers
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Dexla deploy app settings. Use Docker or Dexla Cloud

Go live in hours instead of months

Save time and money on front-end software engineers and launch faster.

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Scale your front-end application with maximum performance

React.js speed without React.js development time.

For Builders
Dexla compiled in react code

Integrations to help you launch faster


Import your swagger file and use your API endpoints for tables, charts, forms and more.


Import your Figma designs to save even more time building and watch your ideas come to life.

(Coming soon)


Connect with the free and open-source relational database management system.

(Coming soon)

You use to need engineers for this. Not anymore.

Are you a builder?

Dexla is a product development platform for cloud-first development teams to build, create and iterate world-class B2B apps faster than ever before.

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